Saturday, July 16, 2005

July 16, 2005 Taxes: Beware the triple whammy

Hamblen Taxpayers,

Guard your wallet and all valuables.

Some commissioners may be planning a triple whammy on taxes.

1st whammy: Increased appraisals. As Commissioner Harville correctly pointed out on July 13, if your property appraisal has gone up more than 12% or so, you are in line for a tax increase whammy even if the Commission doesn't raise the new state certified property tax rate. First whammy.

2nd whammy: Tax rate increase. Several commissioners don't want to even look at reducing expenses (see my post of July 15). They are prepared to increase the tax rate. For taxpayers who already have an apppraisal increase, this would be the second whammy.

3rd whammy: Now, there are behind-the-scenes rumblings about a wheel tax increase. Third whammy.

Also: Watch for some possible changes/revisions in budgeted revenue or budgeted expenses before the Budget Committee meets again on Tuesday, July 19.

Maybe we'll just do like the state of TN did a few years ago. If the budget appears to be short on money, just predict and project more revenues.

Sure wish this kind of sleight-of-hand worked in a family budget!

Who knows? Maybe posting this will make some people think twice and not try this kind of stuff.

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