Saturday, August 11, 2007

August 11, 2007 Rep. Campfield Tells It Like It Is

State Rep. Stacey Campfield was the keynote speaker at a T-FIRE educational forum today at the VFW.

Campfield spoke to a group of about 60 interested citizens about illegal immigration and what the state has and has not done to address this problem.

One young lady drove over two hours on this hot, Saturday morning to hear Rep. Campfield. She left impressed as did most of the audience.

A fellow blogger David Oatney came from White Pine to hear Stacey. Knowing that David is a personal friend of Stacey, I e-mailed David late last night about Stacey's appearance

When David read my e-mail this morning, he called and said he would love to come but that he was "carless" since his wife Nicole had just left.

No problem. I picked David up and then we met Stacey at the Cracker Barrel to lead our guest speaker to the VFW.

I read David's and Stacey's blogs and felt like I already knew them, but it was very special to get the chance to meet both of them in person today.

T-FIRE stands for Tennesseans for Immigration Reform and Education.

T-FIRE is opposed to amnesty for illegal aliens and wants our borders secured.

Fabian Story, president of T-FIRE, outlined the actions that T-FIRE has taken to communicate its position on illegal immigration to elected officials (faxes, letters, phone calls, personal contact, and e-mails).

Other actions have included efforts to educate the public about the costs of illegal immigration. Several handouts with information were provided at the meeting.

Stacey is a very good communicator who tackles issues head-on. He is one of just a very few Tennessee legislators with an online blog. His blog is a real no-spin zone!

Whether the topic is immigration or taxes or wasteful government spending, Stacey tells it like it is.


Dave Oatney said...

Ms. Linda...I am truly unworthy of such kind words.

Fabian's straight talk said...

Hey Linda,

I have finally read all of Dave's blog boy I am impressed. Good Job. We need to have him come talk to us. I like his point of view.