Wednesday, November 07, 2007

November 7, 2007 City Councilman Mel Tucker Wants To Address ILLEGAL Immigration

At yesterday's city council meeting, Councilman Mel Tucker cited statistics showing the dramatic and often detrimental effect of illegal immigration on Morristown, Hamblen County, and across the nation.

Tucker then proposed that the council take four actions:

1. Draft a resolution to send to Senator Bob Corker, Senator Lamar Alexander, and Congressman David Davis requesting that ICE (Immigration and Custom Enforcement) receive additional funding and do its job enforcing the federal immigration laws.

2. Draft a resolution to send to state Senator Steve Southerland and Representative John Litz asking that they push legislation in Tennessee similar to Oklahoma HB 1804. This recently enacted Oklahoma law prohibits the issuance of government ID's (such as licenses) to illegal immigrants; prohibits public assistance to illegal immigrants; makes it a felony for a U.S. citizen to transport, harbor, or employ illegal immigrants; and requires that illegal immigrants be detained without bond until deportation.

3. Authorize city attorney Dick Jessee to research the issue and advise council of all legal means available to identify and take action against illegal immigrants.

4. Fund Hamblen County Sheriff Jarnagin's expenses for 10 "deputies" to attend ICE certification training that is reserved only for those agencies, such as Hamblen County, that operate jails. Among those ten would be 5 Morristown Police Department officers who would be deputized by the Sheriff.

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Carol said...

Roses to Mr. Tucker for proposing what appears to be a sound idea to combat this growing problem. Even if the plan doesn't work that well, at least he's TRYING to address the issue.