Friday, April 11, 2008

April 10, 2008 Is Crumley on the Way Out?

It looks like Morristown City Administrator Jim Crumley has been or soon will be given two options: Resign or be fired.

The rumor going around is that at least four city councilpersons have signed on to the ultimatum. It sure shows what a difference a year can make! It was not that long ago that the council was upset and totally devastated at the thought that Crumley might leave for an administrator job in another city.

There was wailing and gnashing of teeth. Cries of pay Crumley more, give Crumley more benefits, do whatever it takes to keep Crumley directing the city.

Now the reports are coming out on how Crumley has led the city into a financial disaster during the past several years. With Crumley about to depart, mismanagement, overspending, and the horrific accumulation of debt over the past several years are being exposed.

Crumley--now or in the very near future--will get the boot. The Mayor and City Council will use him as a convenient scapegoat for the overspending and debt that has marked the city's recent financial "management."

While Crumley will be blamed, the Mayor and City Council are just as culpable for the overspending and outrageous debt that plagues the city. Crumley can not and did not get the City into the current financial mess all by himself.

When city councilpersons do not ask questions, they are not doing their job for the taxpayers.

When city councilpersons blindly vote for more spending, they are not doing their job for the taxpayers.

When city councilpersons are oblivious and unaware of a pending financial disaster, they are not doing their job.

Crumley bears a great deal of responsibility for the city's financial debacle. But the Mayor and City Council sat there silently and let it happen!

Questions + Checks and balances + Responsibility= Accountability.

Let's hope that the council members now realize that no person, no city administrator, should be given free rein. Council members must PAY ATTENTION and ASK QUESTIONS.

Trust, yes. But always verify! No matter who is in charge.


Fabian's straight talk said...

Well of course Crumley bears the brunt but we must also realize that nothing is done without the Mayor's knowledge and albeit silent approval but approval nonetheless. Keep up the good work L.

ScorpioRising said...

The City has had problems for many many years with sewer situations, and other problems...swept under the rug...after 20 plus years, the compost is finally hitting the didn't start with Crumbly and won't end with him either....
Council persons should quit worrying about "how I get along with the Powers" and start actually doing their jobs.

Linda said...

Crumley will be out eventually, but your're both right...mismanagement didn't start with Crumley and won't end with Crumley's departure.

The Mayor and the Council have to pay attention, ask questions, and do their job in managing taxpayer dollars and providing accountability.

The Mayor and Council can't (well, at least, they shouldn't) shirk their duty as a check and balance on city finances.

Scorpio, "compost hitting the fan"? How genteel.