Tuesday, May 27, 2008

May 27, 2008 Mayor Barile Appoints Support Tax Increase Committee

The City of Morristown has formed a committee to support the sales tax increase in the current referendum.

The name of the committee is "City of Morristown." Click on the image for all the details.

Mayor Sami Barile appointed City Finance Director Dynise Robertson as treasurer of this "City of Morristown" Committee.

The treasurer's address is the Morristown City Center! The treasurer's phone number is 581-0100--the same phone number for the City of Morristown!

If you are a Morristown property owner, the committee recently sent you a nifty personalized letter--that you paid for--to encourage you to vote YES for a sales tax increase.

Squeezed by soaring costs of gas, milk, food, insurance, utilities? Too bad.

Gotta raise those sales taxes so people pay more taxes on the purchase of basics.

Tax 'em when they earn. Tax 'em when they spend.

Tax 'em, Tax 'em, Tax 'em.

Take their money and then, boom, use those tax dollars to send out letters encouraging a YES vote for even more taxes.

Mr. Ponzi (scheme), the government's going to put you out of business!

UPDATE: Taxing Tennessee has added a post and comment on the "arrogance" of this City taxpayer-funded "propaganda." Thank you to Ben Cunningham, a taxpayer-watchdog!

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Tim Nunan said...

Anyone thinking the Citizen Tribune is a real news paper gets what they deserve.

Unless a local government acts in opposition to Mr. Fishman's agenda don't expect to see an article crticizing Morristown city management.