Wednesday, July 30, 2008

July 30, 2008 Former Commissioner Frank Parker Stripped of Deputy Status

Frank Parker, former Hamblen County Commissioner who was indicted for felony theft over $500 and felony official misconduct on May 12, 2008, is no longer a Hamblen County Deputy Sheriff.

Sheriff Esco Jarnigan stripped Parker of his position and status as a deputy sheriff yesterday.

Even though he no longer holds deputy status, Parker still holds a job with Hamblen County Government as Director of Cherokee Park--a position that pays about $38,000 a year plus health insurance and retirement benefits.

Parker will not stand trial for the charges. Last week D. A. Berkeley Bell recommended pre-trial diversion in connection with the theft and misconduct charges. Parker was ordered to make restitution to the victim Albert Walker as part of the diversion agreement.

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Anonymous said...


I just want you to know that I (along with a lot of other people)appreciate your keeping us informed on issues that we might not otherwise know about.

Frank Parker is the one who verbally assualted me and ran toward my car with his fist clinched as I left the park (with my nephew as a passenger).

That's the only time I have ever met the man, but he scared me then, and when those charges came out, all I could think about was how he acted toward me that day.

Of course, as you know, filing a complaint with Mayor Purkey did no good, but I'll bet he thought back to my complaint after it happened.

And, for the record, he did the right thing regarding Mr. King and Mr. Parker's actions.

Keep up the good work. It is important, although I'm sure you often think it is thankless and tiresome.