Wednesday, December 31, 2008

December 31, 2008 County Issues a "Cease and Desist" Order

The County Commission met with the County Planning Commission on Monday, December 29. The hot item, as it has been for several months, was outdoor shooting ranges and establishing regulations to limit where in the county they can be located.

The Planning Commission has received many complaints about noise and about individuals and groups shooting various size guns close to a nearby east-end subdivision.

According to a source, it is my understanding that the Planning Commission had the county attorney prepare a "cease and desist" order that has been served on the individuals who own the property where the shooting is taking place.

Even though the meeting was on Monday morning, there was nothing in the Tribune on Tuesday. My guess is that this will be reported in the newspaper on Wednesday (today) or at least on Thursday.

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Tim N said...

What you left out was that this "order" was given to the uncle of the man who opened the much maleigned indoor shooting range. Apparently the county government is now going to attack relatives since it couldn't stop the legal shooting operation.

I remain surprised that our county officals are so anti-gun.