Monday, March 09, 2009

March 9, 2009 Official Pow-Wow...the Rest of the Story

In a recent post, I mentioned the rumor going around that at least two elected officials had met with other elected and/or appointed officials to discuss public business in a meeting that neither the public nor the press knew about.

Today at county commission committee meetings, Commissioner Joe Swann admitted that he and Commissioner Ricky Bruce had met with Director of Schools Dale Lynch and others. Joe said it was an unannounced meeting to discuss and prepare the school board's answers to questions about the proposed purchase of land for a new East High.

Joe said he was sorry if he had upset the Tribune by not telling them about the meeting. He said that no votes were taken, and he claimed that the Sunshine Law was not violated because it was just an information-gathering meeting. Ricky said nothing.

Tribune writer Bobbie Young was at the meeting.

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LeslieinTN said...

We've had this going on in our area where we feel the Sunshine Law has been broken. The city is trying to buy county land beside our 60+ house subdivision to put in a ballpark. Needless to say we are not too happy about the light pollution, increase in traffic, noise, etc that this will bring to our "country setting". We've learned that they have been meeting for about a year and discussing it in private.