Wednesday, September 02, 2009

September 2, 2009 Jefferson County Land Purchase? Mayor Barile Did Not Talk To the Industrial Board

For all who believed "Morristown" Mayor Barile when she said that she would contact the "Morristown" Industrial Board to find out what was going on about the "Morristown" Industrial Board contacting landowners in Jefferson County about selling their land to "Morristown/Morristown Industrial Board," she didn't do it.

On August 18, she and the council were asked if they knew about contacts with Jefferson County landowners made by or on behalf of "Morristown" or the "Morristown" Industrial Board to purchase land in Jefferson County.

On August 18, Barile publicly stated that she would contact the Industrial Board and find out. Click here for what was asked on August 18 and for the Mayor's reply.

Yesterday, she was asked if she had in fact contacted the board as she said she would.

Barile replied that she had not contacted the Industrial Board.

Doing what you said you would do and finding out what the "Morristown" Industrial Board is doing are apparently not high on the list of priorities of the Mayor of "Morristown."

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