Tuesday, October 06, 2009

October 6, 2009 City Agenda for Today Posted Yesterday: Work Session Includes Discussion of Meeting Times

I contacted the City yesterday morning when I saw that the agenda for today's meeting and work session had not been posted on the city website as is customary.

I received a reply e-mail yesterday afternoon that said that the agenda was usually posted on the Friday before the council meeting (Monday morning at the latest), that it was not posted last Friday due to an employee being out, and that it had just been posted. You can see the agenda that was posted yesterday here.

The work session agenda includes "Discussion of Council Meeting time." Charles Cook brought this up at a council meeting several weeks ago asking that meetings be held later than 4:00 PM so that more people can attend if they want to. Click here for Mr. Cook's request. 

Hopefully, the council will decide to have regular council meetings and also Finance Committee meetings at a later time when more people can attend if they want to. 

The Finance Committee meetings, which are currently held at 3:30 PM on certain Thursdays, are where real discussion and information sharing takes place, so it would be particularly important to have those at a time when the working city taxpayer/sewer fee payer can attend.

Finance Committee agendas need to be provided in advance of the meetings so people can decide whether an item of interest to them is on the agenda.

The discussion of later council meeting times will take place in "work session." Council meets in work session after adjournment of the regular council meeting, so you have to stick around if you are interested in work session discussion.

Click here, here, here, here, and here for last Thursday's Finance Committee items to see why Finance Committee meetings are especially important!

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