Wednesday, December 02, 2009

December 2, 2009 The Draft Contract for City Administrator Anthony Cox

The first image (left) is the first page of a 7-page draft of the proposed city administrator's contract that was approved yesterday at City Council. The other pages (2-7) of the draft contract are in order at the end of the blog text.  You can click on each image to enlarge it for reading.

At yesterday's council meeting, the "contract" was approved without a mention of the terms of the contract by the Mayor or any councilmember.  Click here for my earlier post about council's lack of "public" discussion in the "public" meeting to consider this contract ("public" business).

Page 1 is a general recital of the city's desire to employ Cox.  The 2nd page is Cox' Compensation (salary), Benefits, Vacation and Sick Leave. Page 3 is Retirement (Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System and ICMA Retirement (International City and County Management Association) and General Business Expenses.

Page 4 includes Termination and Severance. Page 5 is Resignation, Outside Activities, Moving and Relocation Expenses, and Indemnification. Page 6 includes Bonding, Other Terms, and General Provisions.  Page 7 is for the signature of the parties.

While the council did not "publicly" discuss the salary or benefits yesterday, you can view a draft contract and its terms on this blog, and you can read about most of the terms in today's Tribune article by Bob Moore.  Moore did not get the salary and benefits information for his article during the "public" portion of the council meeting because there was no discussion of those terms during the "public" meeting. Moore got his information from City attorney Dick Jessee who gave Moore a copy of a draft contract with handwritten notes made by Jessee. The link to Moore's article is here. But jump on it fast because the Tribune usually disables its links quickly.

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