Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June 29, 2010 Sheriff and Mayoral Debate Videos Are at Citizens for Accountability Website

Citizens for Accountability (CFA) has the video of the June 24 debate between Sheriff candidates Ernie Burzell and Esco Jarnagin available at the CFA website.

CFA also has the video of the June 24 Mayoral debate between Bill Brittain and John Litz available at the CFA website.

Click here to go directly to the debate pictures and videos.

You can view pictures from the debate or click the "play" button below each video to hear and see the actual debate with each candidate's 2-minute opening remarks, 10 questions and answers, and 5-minute closing remarks.

The videos are broken into three segments, so you can view one, two, or all three.

1. Sheriff Debate Video
2. Mayor Debate Video I
3. Mayor Debate Video II

The CFA homepage is at www.morristownhamblencfa.com

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