Tuesday, December 07, 2010

December 7, 2010 Alpha-Talbott Utility District Will Not Handle Morristown's New Garbage Billing

The gang that can't--or won't--shoot straight (City of Morristown) just got itself into another pickle over its belated efforts to have outside water utility districts include Morristown's $10/month garbage fee on the utility's water bills to city residents.

Yesterday, the Alpha-Talbott Utility District Board met and voted NOT to include the City of Morristown's $10/month garbage fee on AT water bills that go to city residents. AT won't do Morristown's dirty work--pun intended!

[Bobby Moore, "news"paper reporter/City of Morristown PR person, had reported on December 2: "Phillip Combs, Alpha-Talbott manager, said that if other utility districts don’t experience problems, he will start billing the 42 qualifying customers..."

Somebody missed the reporting boat or things took a dramatic turn from December 2 to December 6.  On December 6th--4 days after Moore's quote from Combs--the AT Board met and voted NOT to bill for Morristown's garbage. It looks like Alpha-Talbott wasn't basing its decision on what other utilities did nor was AT waiting to see if other utility districts had problems.]

Next comes Russellville-Whitesburg Utility District. The Russellville-Whitesburg Utility District Board is scheduled to vote toward the end of December on whether to include the City of Morristown's $10/month garbage fee on RV-WB water bills that go to city residents.

[RV-WB is leaning strongly toward joining AT in refusing to do Morristown's dirty work, but you never know what will happen when Morristown power players jump in and start to twist arms.]

So far, the only outside utility district that Morristown has convinced to do Morristown's garbage billing is Witt Utility District.  Coincidentally, Witt recently got an extension of its water contract with Morristown.

Now---is it legal to send some city residents a garbage fee bill while other city residents are not billed?

Who let this go for nearly four months before even giving these utility districts a billing list and officially asking them to do Morristown's garbage billings?

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