Thursday, February 03, 2011

February 3, 2011 County Commissioner Paul Lebel Running for Morristown City Council?

Hamblen County Commissioner Paul Lebel may be running for the Morristown City Council at-large seat.
Lebel picked up a petition to run for the at-large seat earlier today.

There are at least three others who have picked up petitions for the at-large seat: Charles Cook, Ann Harville, and Luke Pack.

UPDATE: Another person who picked up a petition to run for this at-large seat is the incumbent Frank McGuffin.  Actually, McGuffin took out TWO petitions several weeks ago. One petition was for this at-large seat AND the other was for Mayor. Since taking out both petitions, McGuffin has waffled for weeks about which seat he would run for although every indication was that he was going for Mayor. 

My guess is that Frank waffled all this time because he was waiting for Lebel---or someone else whom Frank considers the right kind of person---to pick up a petition for the at-large seat. Now Frank is free to announce that he running for Mayor. 

[Lebel does not have to resign from his seat on county commission in order to run in the city election.]

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