Tuesday, May 10, 2011

May 10, 2011 Danny Thomas, Chris Bivens, Paul LeBel, and Claude Jinks Are Sworn In

The City of Morristown has three new faces. See previous post.

Pictured at left are the new Mayor and five of the six Councilmembers: Front Row (L-R)Councilmembers Kay Senter and Claude Jinks. Back Row (L-R) Councilmember Chris Bivens, Mayor Danny Thomas, Councilmember Gene Brooks, and Councilmember Paul LeBel. Not pictured is Bob Garrett who did not attend the council meeting/swearing-in ceremony.

Danny Thomas took the oath of office as the City's new Mayor yesterday before a packed city chamber room. [Thomas defeated 8-year councilmember Frank McGuffin in the May 3 mayoral contest.]

Chris Bivens and Paul LeBel were also sworn in as new councilmembers.  [Bivens handily defeated longtime councilmember Doc Rooney, and Paul LeBel won his seat with a narrow 24-vote victory in a 4-man race for the at-large seat]

Claude Jinks, who had no opposition in his council race, was the only incumbent to retain his seat on the City Council.

Before the swearing-in ceremony, the prior Mayor and Council met and certified the election results.

Retired Judge Eddie Beckner then swore in the new Mayor and Councilmembers.

Outgoing Mayor Barile graciously handed over the Mayoral office to Danny Thomas.

Outgoing councilmember Doc Rooney graciously handed over the 2nd ward council seat to his successor Chris Bivens. 

Unsuccessful mayoral candidate and outgoing at-large councilmember Frank McGuffin was not present for his last meeting and did not see Paul LeBel sworn in to the at-large seat that McGuffin held for eight years.

Councilmember Bob Garrett also did not attend the meeting or the swearing-in ceremony.

City Administrator Tony Cox congratulated outgoing Mayor Barile and outgoing Councilmember Doc Rooney and gave them a token of appreciation from the City for their years of service. McGuffin wasn't there to receive Cox's congratulations or token of appreciation.

[Councilmembers Brooks, Garrett, and Senter were not up for re-election]

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