Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July 19, 2011 Council Rejects Mayor's Appointment of Mike Minnich to the MUS Board of Commissioners

A routine appointment to fill a vacancy on the Morristown Utility System Board of Commissioners?  Nope. Bizarre? Absolutely!

Click on the video above to see the City Council vote on Mayor Danny Thomas's appointment of Mike Minnich to the MUS Board of Commissioners. [The appointment begins at 00:25.]

Bob Garrett decides he wants to talk about George McGuffin before he votes. Mayor Thomas points out that this is a mayoral appointment submitted for Council's approval or disapproval and calls for the vote. 

When the vote is taken on the Minnich appointment, it is YES: Gene Brooks, Claude Jinks, and Danny Thomas. NO: Bob Garrett, Paul LeBel, and Kay Senter. ABSTAIN: Chris Bivens.  With the Bivens abstention, Minnich didn't receive the required four council votes.  

Bob then wants to talk again about George McGuffin. Thomas states that Garrett is out of order, gavels Garrett down, and threatens to have him removed. Paul LeBel, Garrett's sidekick, steps in to take up for Bob.

According to City attorney Dick Jessee, who is George McGuffin's brother-in-law, MUS must submit another list of three names from which Mayor Thomas will again select a nominee and put that name out for an up or down vote. [The new list of 3 nominees may include the two not already voted on]

Bizarre! Watch the video again.

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