Monday, March 05, 2012

March 5, 2012 Bank Levy Takes Money From City's Bank Accounts at First Tennessee

A bank levy in the amount of $573,632.84 on the accounts of the City of Morristown in First Tennessee Bank was apparently carried out recently pursuant to a writ of execution issued by the United States District Court/Eastern District of Tennessee.

A copy of the writ is shown prior to its signature and return by the U.S. Marshal(s). Click on the image to enlarge. The money was removed from the City's checking accounts on February 28 and apparently placed with the District Court.

The execution is for Plaintiff's attorney fees and litigation costs in the case of Stephens, et al v. City of Morristown, E.D. Tenn No, 2:08-CV-96.  In that same case, the City is under a Court Order to rehabilitate the Witt Sewer Line, and this rehabilitation is underway.

A bank levy on the City of Morristown. This may be a first.  Unbelievable!    

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