Friday, November 02, 2012

November 2, 2012 Baumgartner Jury Asks Questions, Continues Deliberations

The jury that will determine the fate of ex-Knox County Criminal Judge Richard Baumgartner emerged yesterday to ask questions of District Judge Ronnie Greer.

One felony count against Baumgartner was tossed by Judge Greer.

The jury is considering the remaining six felony counts in which Baumgartner is charged with lying to judges, a prosecutor, nurses, and others in order to cover up a drug-trafficking conspiracy involving his pill-supplying mistress Deena Castleman.

First, the jurors asked what they should do if some of the panel believe that the prosecution has proven all of the elements of the crimes and others do not. Greer informed the jury that their decision must be unanimous.

Later, the jury told Judge Greer that they had reached unanimous verdicts on some counts but not others. At that point, Greer gave the jury two instructions. Reconsider and try to reach unanimity, or issue a partial verdict on some counts and resume deliberations on others.

The panel resumed deliberations and then went home for the day. Jamie Satterfield has the News-Sentinel report here.

This morning the jury will continue deliberations. Click here.

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