Tuesday, June 11, 2013

June 11, 2013 Industrial Development Board Meeting Tomorrow

The Industrial Development Board (IDB) of the City of Morristown meets tomorrow at 1 PM for a called meeting at the Chamber of Commerce building at 825 West First North Street.

The meetings are typically in the basement of the Chamber building.

Notice of IDB meetings is not usually found in the public notice section of the local "news"paper."

To find out about these meetings, you have to go to the Chamber building and check the bulletin board every day or you have to go to City Hall to see if notice of an IDB meeting has been posted on the city bulletin board or you can check the city website to see if a meeting is listed on the city calendar of events.

IDB meetings are open to the public.
Tomorrow's meeting begins at 1 PM.
[Most recent IDB "public meetings" have begun at 7:30 AM or 8:00 AM.]

According to the City website, the IDB agenda is as follows:

Approval of summarization of May 8, 2013, meeting.
Consider approval of grading in ETPC (East Tennessee Progress Center).
ETPC property agreement discussion.
Consider request for TIF exclusions.
"Any and all other business that may properly come before the Board."

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