Wednesday, August 07, 2013

August 7. 2013 Five Councilmembers Vote To Reject the Appointment of Jim Sexton of MAHLE to the Morristown Utility Systems Board

And the rejection beat goes on...

On July 26, the five-member MUS (Morristown Utility Systems) Board chose a (second) slate of three individuals for appointment to the Board of Commissioners and sent the list to the Mayor. The list was comprised of Bryan Dickerson, Jim Sexton, and Glenn Thompson.

As the law requires, the Mayor presented the name of one of the MUS nominees to the council yesterday--Jim Sexton of MAHLE.

Bob Garrett immediately made a motion to reject Sexton. Garrett is a former longtime employee of MUS and headed the Water Department for many, many years.

The vote to reject was 5-1. Garrett, Kay Senter, Chris Bivens, Dennis Alvis, and Gary Chesney voted to reject Sexton (Paul LeBel was absent).  Mayor Danny Thomas supported Sexton.

No one said anything during the public portion of the meeting as to why he or she opposed Sexton. 

All that is publicly evident at this time is the power struggle to control the MUS Board and that a majority of council do not want Max Biery or Jim Sexton on the Board or maybe they just don't want anyone that the Mayor nominates---even though the Mayor is simply selecting from the list provided to him by the MUS Board of Commissioners.
Back on July 16 four councilmembers (Garrett, Bivens, Alvis, and LeBel) voted to reject the mayor's nomination of sitting MUS commissioner Max Biery---who was on the previous slate of three individuals recommended to the Mayor by the MUS Board of Commissioners.

Click here to go to the post with video of the rejection of Biery by council.

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