Sunday, March 08, 2015

March 8, 2015: Solid Waste Investigative Audit Indicates That Ronnie Brady Used Stancil Ford's Signature Stamp To Write $192,206.00 Worth of Checks to Himself

The Comptroller's Report and TBI investigation into former Hamblen County/Morristown Solid Waste Director Ronnie Brady's forgery and theft are complete. Brady was recently indicted by the Hamblen County Grand Jury for theft over $60,000.00.

The Comptroller's Report is here. The report is short.

It shows one of the many unauthorized checks that Brady wrote to himself. The check in the report is for $2,026.59. Brady apparently wrote many other unauthorized checks to himself over a 3-1/2 year period for a total of $192,206.00.

The unauthorized check shown in the report has then-SWB Chairman and current County Commission chairman Stancil Ford's stamped signature on it. Unless Ford claims that Brady stole Ford's signature stamp, it appears that Ford allowed Brady to have access to Ford's stamp, giving Brady the ability to write checks ($192,206.00) to himself with the required "two" signatures.

Brady also made personal charges totaling "at least" $31,875.00 on the Solid Waste's AMEX credit card. The report gives two examples of personal charges that Solid Waste customers paid for, i.e.  repairs to Brady's BMW and a $2,175.00 mattress delivered to Brady's residence,

In addition, Brady wrote Solid Waste checks to pay for personal charges on a non-Solid Waste Board Capital One card.

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