Thursday, January 11, 2007

January 11, 2007 Waltz Trials Are Postponed

Former State Senator John Ford (D-Memphis) got a two-month delay in his Tennessee Waltz bribery trial.

Other Waltzers have recently gotten their trials postponed as well: former State Senator Kathryn Bowers and current State Senator Ward Crutchfield.

Current State Senator Jerry Cooper's lawyer has also asked for a delay in Cooper's trial until after the current legislative session ends in April or May.

Cooper (D-Morrison) is charged with bank fraud, mail fraud, and conspiracy in a borrowing scheme involving the 1999 sale of a lumber mill in Warren County, Tenn.

Cooper's problems also allegedly involve a loan from a bank where former Speaker of the Senate John Wilder serves as a director.

According to a motion filed by Cooper's attorney, state law, which is not binding in federal court, states that a defendant who is a member of the General Assembly is entitled to a continuance if the General Assembly is in session.

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