Friday, January 05, 2007

January 5, 2007 A Tale of Two Watches: John Ford & the $40,000 Rolex

Poor former State Senator John Ford. His problems just grow and grow.

Remember Ford's $40,000 Rolex watch?

At one point, Ford said he got it free of charge from wealthy Memphis developer Rusty Hyneman after he helped Hyneman avoid hefty fines in environmental battles with the state.

Ford's attorney, in court filings, is stating that Ford was just engaging in excessive bragging when Ford said he got the watch after saving Hyneman over $1 million dollars in fines.

Ford's lawyer states that Ford actually got the $40-$50,000 Rolex through a good old-fashioned watch swap.

Ford apparently swapped his $17,000 watch for Hyneman's $40,000 Rolex. Hint: Do not engage in watch swapping activities with former Sen. Ford!

And now there's a tape.

Federal authorities say they have a tape ---a tape where Ford says that the $40,000 Hyneman-to-Ford Rolex was a gift, the special kind of gift that a public official gets in return for doing a favor for someone.

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