Monday, April 30, 2007

April 30, 2007 "Make Room for the Senator" (John Ford)

Former Tennessee State Senator John Ford was convicted Friday of bribery in connection with the FBI's Tennessee Waltz investigation. An excellent series of articles that were published daily during the trial are here.

As he left the courtroom Friday, his daughter Kemba told everyone to "Make room for the Senator!"

Ford, the self-proclaimed "man who makes the deals," now travels to Nashville later this week to face charges of wire fraud in connection with his TennCare "consulting" contracts with Doral Dental and OmniCare.

Ford is looking at six felony counts accusing him of taking $800,000 in kickbacks from state TennCare contractors.

It has been mentioned in several news outlets that Ford could try to work out a deal at this point with prosecutors. He may offer not to appeal the recent Tennessee Waltz bribery conviction in return for the state agreeing to drop the wire fraud and TennCare charges.

Ford is a fighter, and Ford is cocky. So another very real possibility is that he may decide to go ahead and appeal the Memphis conviction and go ahead and fight the Nashville TennCare charges as well.

Only John Ford, the "man who makes the deals," knows whether he will attempt to make a deal on the next round of charges.

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