Saturday, April 07, 2007

April 7, 2007 Local Backbone Transplants Fail

Backbone transplant surgeries that were expected to give courage to those who make anonymous comments on this blog were a colossal failure. See my post of April 1.

It had been hoped that with new backbones in place, the local chickens would quit their anonymous clucking and would instead proudly put their name to their "well-reasoned" (ROFL) comments.

Apparently, skilled teams of local backbone transplant surgeons were unable to insert a backbone into the empty cavity where "anonymous" spines should have been.

Anonymous comments continue to arrive in the noe4accountability blog comment inbox from certain businesses and individuals in Hamblen County.

And these anonymous comments, such as "you miserable lying b----", continue to sit in the noe4accountability blog comment inbox eagerly waiting to be posted after their proud authors step up to claim them.

Like the cowardly lion in the Land of Oz, these anonymous weaklings need to ask the Wizard for courage so they can proudly claim their anonymous offspring!

And it wouldn't hurt to ask the Wizard for a brain, too!

Anonymous Individuals and Anonymous Users of Local Business Computers, I have an offer for you that I hope you can't and won't refuse.

Take some initiative, get some courage, use your brain, and prove that any of my June 22, 2006, factual statements about the handling of county finances are not true.

The charges and allegations are contained in a June 22, 2006, address to county commission. The full statement is posted on my blog in 4 separate entries here, here, here, and here.

It's time for you to do something besides rant and rave. So quit lurking and hiding.

Step up and prove that any of my June 22 factual allegations are false.

And if you come out of your political/personal closet and identify yourself and prove that any of my June 22 allegations are false---I'll publish your name and your proof right here!



j.c. seals said...

i agree with you, both city and county govts have a long way to go to be truly open, probley the hight of arrogance (to me at least) is telling someone what they can say at a public meeting. some of our elected are way to full of themselves. j.c. seals

hr said...

right on the money