Tuesday, November 17, 2009

November 17, 2009 Jack Fishman Recommends Acquiring Additional Land in East Tennessee Progress Center, Eminent Domain Threatened

Industrial Board Chairman Jack Fishman, who is also owner of the Citizen Tribune, appeared at the city council work session yesterday. Fishman wants the city to fund the purchase of 11 pieces of property inside the East Tennessee Progress Center near I-81 and 25-E. Fishman wants the city to purchase the property from willing buyers but, if the buyer is not willing, then Fishman wants the city to take the  private property by eminent domain

One of the owners of property on Fishman's list was present and spoke passionately about her desire to live out her life on her 14 acres. Alice Purkey, 86, said her land is "not for sale" and asked simply to be left alone.

While Fishman said he wasn't rushing the council, he made sure that each councilperson was given a resolution (below) to pass in December or at some other time. Fishman's resolution provides for the purchase OR taking of any parcel by eminent domain.

UPDATE 11/18/09: It should be interesting to see the Tribune ace reporter Bobby Moore's article on Fishman's appearance at council. How does the reporter "report" on his boss in a fair and balanced way? Will there be a disclaimer noting that Fishman is the reporter's boss and writes the reporter's paycheck? Just guessing, but I would imagine that the article will concentrate on Fishman implying that the main reasons Morristown lost a Harley-Davidson plant were because the ETPC (East Tennessee Progress Center) looked too "rural" and also because the city does not have "control" of certain parcels of land in and around the Park. The article will imply, as did Fishman, that H-D would have been an almost sure thing if the City had just had these other parcels and had spent millions to improve the ETPC. Hence, Fishman's decree that he/IDB/City obtain control of eleven more parcels within three years. Control by sale from willing owner(s) OR forced control by eminent domain!

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Tim N said...

So this snake has crawled back out of its hole. Governments taking land so they can make money selling it is not what was envisioned by the Constitution.

Not surprised it is being driven by R.J.