Wednesday, February 17, 2010

February 17, 2010 Qualifying Deadline for Candidates in May 2010 Primary Nears

There are a lot of people running for office in 2010. 

Here is the breakdown of potential candidates as of this morning for the May 2010 Primary and August General Election: (R) Republican; (D) Democrat; and (I) Independent.  Some have already returned their signed qualifying petitions. Others still have a petition out.

County Mayor
Bill Brittain (R)
John Litz (D)
William Newsome (I)

John Baskette (R)
Nicole Buchanan (R)
Jon Pless (R)
Bill Sanders (R)
(No Democrat candidate)

Esco Jarnagin (R)
Brett Kilgore (R)
Ernie Burzell (D)
Freddie Kimbrough (D)
Roy Rucker (D)

County Clerk
Carla Steadman (R)
Linda Wilder (R)
Scotty Rines (D)

Register of Deeds
John Clawson (R)

Circuit Court Clerk
Vickie Moore (R)
Gary Oaks (R)
Kathy Robertson (R)
Teresa West (R)
Bobby Davis (D)

County Commission (14 districts)
1st:  Paul LeBel (R)

2nd: Keith Eagle (R)
       Nancy Phillips (R)

3rd: Dana Wampler (R)

4th: Tilman Goins (R)
       Bobby Reinhardt (I) ["I" is a correction with thanks to a reader]

5th: Louis "Doe" Jarvis (R)

6th: Tim Goins (R)
       Joe Spoone (D)

7th: Howard Shipley (R)
       Dennis Alvis (I)

8th: Tish Beck (R)
       Tim Dennison (R)

9th: Larry Baker (R)
      Melvin Greene (D)

10th: Herbert Harville (R)
        Jeffrey "Bo" Shultz (R)

11th: Guy Collins (R)
         Nicholas Knight (I)

12th: Doyle Fullington (R)
         Thomas R. Cash (I)

13th: Stancil Ford (R)
         Doug Deering (I)

14th: Larry Carter (R)
        Thomas Massey (R)

1&2  Paul McKinney (R)
         Edward Schubert (R)
         James Collins (I)

3&4 Tommy McKinney (R)
        James Rose (R)

5&6 Jess "Hoot" Gibson (R)
        Ernest Noe, Jr. (R)

7&8 Durwood Kizer (R)
        Dwayne Sliger (R)

9&10 Clayton Albertin (I)
          Donald Ashford (R)
          James "Pondy" Drinnon (R)

11&12 Tom McKinney (R)

13&14 Wayne Blevins (D)
            Ricky Sutton (R)

Click here for candidates for the state primary and school board.

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