Tuesday, February 09, 2010

February 9, 2010 Planning Commission Closes Alleys and Roads for School Board

The Morristown Regional Planning Commission met at 4:00 today in the City Council Chambers to close alleys and roads around East High for the Hamblen County Board of Education.  Absent was Frank McGuffin.

The Planning Commission then adjourned to the Mayor's little conference room for a conference call with a Nashville attorney who is assisting the City in revising its current sign policy.

Many of the attorney's concerns centered around devising a sign policy that does not impair or violate the First Amendment rights of citizens.   Attorney Kelley Hinsley is on the Planning Commission.  He pointed out that the "sign attorney" was attempting to avoid constitutional issues such as prior restraint on the exercise of  citizens' freedom of speech and expression.

The Constitution. The First Amendment. Avoiding prior restraint on free speech. Avoiding actions that chill freedom of speech.  It's nice to hear someone remind the city council that there is a Constitution and that even a local sign ordinance must be in accord with the Constitution.

Although the press was not at either meeting, maybe there will be a press release "news"paper article or perhaps Bob M. will wait and report on the city's draft sign ordinance some other day.

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