Sunday, April 11, 2010

April 11, 2010 Brian Janish, City of Morristown Internal Services Director & Budget/Human Resources Director, Applies for Asst. City Administrator Job in Sevierville

Brian Janish, Internal Services Director and Budget/Human Resources Director for the City of Morristown,  has applied for the position of Assistant City Administrator in Sevierville. Janish was former City Administrator Jim Crumley's right-hand man for 9-10 years.

[In mid-2009, Crumley left the City after negotiating a "retirement" package instead of facing the prospect of a rancorous removal process. Shortly afterwards, the City was found to have made unauthorized transfers of money from the sewer fund to the general fund for at least three years to cover up the City's true financial position. Click here and here and here for some background on sewergate/bankruptcygate.]

Based on Janish's application in Sevierville, it looks like Janish, as Internal Services Director & Budget/Human Resources Director, had his hands on all city operations during Crumley's tenure. Click or double-click on each image to enlarge and read Janish's application.

The application is dated January 20, 2010.  Surely, there has been something in the local "news"paper about this during the past three months! Reporter Bob Moore knows everything that goes on at the City. I guess I missed his article. Could someone please leave a comment on this post to tell me the date of the "news"paper report on this?

I want to go back and read the "news"paper article and the reactions of the Mayor and City Council and new City Administrator Tony Cox at the possibility of losing Internal Services Director & Budget/Human Resources Director Janish who was such a vital cog in Crumley's financial machine.

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