Wednesday, January 20, 2010

January 20, 2010 Mayor Barile: The City Was Broke in 2007 But We Just Became Aware of This in Recent Weeks

At yesterday's City Council meeting, Mayor Barile was asked to answer a question that she had been asked some time ago: What reserves (fund balance) did the City of Morristown have at the end of FY 2007 (6/30/07)

Mayor Barile: The city had NO reserves in 2007 but we just became aware of this in recent weeks.

Mayor Barile and councilmembers, that information was in the 2007 audit that you were given in 2008! If you just became aware of this "in recent weeks," it must be because YOU didn't look at the 2007 audit,  YOUR auditor failed to discuss this audit factoid with you, and YOUR esteemed former City Administrator Jim Crumley didn't tell you that he had driven the city to bankruptcy and was covering it up by illegally switching money around. 

Hint to Mayor Barile and council: Now you need to look at and READ the 2008 audit. Check on available fund balance as of 6/30/08. You might "become aware" of more disturbing news. Click here for more on Bankruptcygate.

And if you pay attention and ask questions and end the feel-good spending, you might be able to stop the bleeding that has been going on right under your nose.


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