Friday, January 01, 2010

January 1, 2010 Former Lt. Gov. John Wilder Dies

Former Tennessee Lieutenant Governor/Speaker of the Senate John Wilder died at 12:10 am on this the first day of January 2010. Wilder had been hospitalized since Monday after suffering a stroke.

The News-Sentinel has a brief story here.

The Tennessean has a more thorough recap of Wilder's remarkable career here.

The high point for Wilder was his ability to hold onto the position of Lt. Governor for 36 years.

One very low point for Wilder was the Tennessee Waltz political corruption/bribery sting in 2005.

As indictments were announced and arrests of state senators were made in Nashville, Wilder did not express concern over the corruption and bribe-taking by his colleagues.

Instead, Wilder took to the well of the senate to pray against those who "wrongly" offered money to his fellow senators. Click here.

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