Friday, January 29, 2010

January 29, 2010 City Discusses Selling Long-Reel Track and King Park to Hamblen School Board

Director of Schools Dale Lynch and his assistant Hugh Clement came to the City Council Finance Committee meeting yesterday. The topic of discussion was the sale by the City of Long-Reel track and King Park to the Hamblen County School Board for the expansion of East High School.

There are two hitches in the sale-purchase proposal.

1. The sale of Long-Reel track involves getting state and federal approval. Without going into the details,  Parks Director Craig Price compared trying to sell Long-Reel Track to to trying to sell land in the Great Smoky Mountains Park. Not an easy process. Appraised value was $505,000.00

2. The sale of King Park is complicated by a provision in the deed of this property to the City of Morristown. The deed requires the property to be kept open for the use and enjoyment of the public. It was pointed out that sale of King Park may allow the heirs of the original grantors to reclaim the property.  Appraised value was $160,000.00. [There are many King heirs in Morristown as well as other locations. I am one of those heirs as are my sisters. My mother and her brother are heirs. My cousins--my uncle's children-- live in Morristown.]

Councilmember Claude Jinks said he would vote for whatever the School Board wants.

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