Saturday, July 17, 2010

July 17, 2010 Commissioner Stancil Ford's Hit-and-Run

County Commissioner Stancil Ford of Cedar Hill Road was involved in a hit-and-run accident on June 30, 2010, just an hour-and-a-half before the above picture was taken at the County Commission meeting at 5:00 PM on that same day.

Did the local "news"paper report that Stancil's truck had hit a vehicle in which a couple in their 70s were riding just 90 minutes before Stancil arrived at the June 30th County Commission meeting? That Stancil's truck just kept on going after side-swiping the couple's car? That Stancil's truck was found abandoned in a driveway at the intersection of 11E and Merchants Greene?  That the driver had fled on foot or had been picked up before the police arrived?  No, No, No, and No.

Did lots of people know about this? Yes. Who? County Mayor David Purkey, some county commissioners, some elected officials and courthouse employees, EMA Director Eric Carpenter, hospital personnel, EMS, and on and on the list goes.

But why no mention in the "news"paper about Stancil Ford's hit-and-run? Why no mention of Stancil's illness?  "News"paper owner Jack Fishman pulls the strings on what is reported in the "news"paper. 

Somebody ordered and directed the cover-up of Stancil's hit-and-run, and that somebody has managed to keep a tight lid on it.  It's been over two weeks, and the "news"paper hasn't mentioned it.  The documents below, the Vehicle Impound Form and the first three pages of the Traffic Crash Report, give you information about Stancil's hit-and-run that Jack and his "news"paper don't want you to know. Click on the images to enlarge and read.

Now if a county commissioner or city councilman or an individual that Jack Fishman and company dislike had been involved in a similar hit-and-run, Jack and his crack reporter Bobby Moore would have been all over it--pictures and maybe a series of articles. Commission Chairman Stancil Ford is involved in a hit-and-run, and it's like it never even happened. 

Anyone can have an unexpected medical problem such as a stroke or heart attack or black-out while driving. If that's what happened and if someone was afraid to wait for an ambulance and took Stancil from the scene directly to a hospital to get medical attention, then that should have been reported.

But if Stancil had a medical problem and simply ran from the scene or had someone take him from the scene to the Courthouse just so he could swing the gavel at a brief County Commission meeting, that's a serious problem involving not only Stancil but also whoever took Stancil from the hit-and-run to the Commission meeting without talking with the police and without checking on the couple who were hit.

And if Stancil had been in the hospital just a few hours before the accident and left the hospital against the advice of his doctors--just so he could swing the gavel at a brief County Commission meeting--then the public and especially the people that he hit need to know this.

Now, we'll see if the "news"paper continues to ignore Stancil's hit-and-run. The "news"paper will either continue to stonewall this story or it will start "spinning" the story as it makes excuses for Stancil's actions on June 30th. 

Yes, if Stancil had a medical problem and was taken directly to the hospital after the accident for treatment, that's understandable. But if Stancil was involved in an accident, didn't stick around to talk to the officer, didn't go directly to the hospital, and didn't check on the couple that he hit but, instead, went to a county commission meeting, then there's a lot of explaining to do.  And the big question is (1) Where was Stancil and who was he with between 3:38 PM (when the officer arrived to investigate and found Stancil's truck abandoned in a driveway) and 5:00 PM (when Stancil was sitting in the Courthouse swinging a gavel)? 

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