Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August 31, 2010 Mayor Barile and Five of the Six City Councilmembers Meet in JOHNSON CITY To Discuss Morristown Finances, Beautification, Sewer, Increasing Revenue (Taxes, Fees, etc)

Mayor Barile and five of the six City Councilmembers met with City Administrator Tony Cox at the elegant Carnegie Hotel (above) in Johnson City on Friday, August 27, and Saturday, August 28. Councilmember Gene Brooks did not attend. Pictured above (L-R) are Mayor Barile, Kay Senter, Doc Rooney, and Tony Cox. The other picture (L-R) shows Bob Garrett, Claude Jinks, and Frank McGuffin.

Over the course of two days, these seven individuals spent around 10 hours discussing City of Morristown financial woes, unemployment, sewer problems, and their Morristown wish lists.

The City was just barely able to pay its bills last month, and that led to discussion of ways to raise more revenue (translation: dip into YOUR pocket and take more of YOUR money to cover for years of excessive spending and mismanagement). Some ideas for revenue enhancement included adding additional "user fees" on top of the new $10/month garbage user fee that will start in September, increasing property taxes, and increasing sewer fees.

Bob Garrett won the prize for one-liners: Now we know what it's like to live paycheck to paycheck.

If ever the "news"paper should have covered a meeting, this was it. But, alas, no one from the "news"paper was there on either day even though these were open meetings.  Bob Moore, the "news"paper's city government reporter, didn't make it to either meeting.

Of course, the intent of having a meeting of the MORRISTOWN City Council in JOHNSON CITY was to keep the pesky public out of the way. On keeping the public away from these meetings, Mayor Barile, the five councilmembers in attendance, and new City Administrator Tony Cox can say "mission accomplished." Almost. 

Citizens for Accountability which tapes local meetings had representatives in Johnson City on both days. Both meetings were taped, and the tapes will be available for viewing in 1-2 weeks. I'll provide info and a link to where the tapes can be viewed at a later date.

City Administrator Tony Cox plans to prepare a summary report of the Johnson City discussions and will no doubt provide it to the "news"paper.  Maybe the "news"paper will use the City's summary/press release to write an article or a series of articles about the Morristown City Council's retreat in Johnson City.

I'll post documents and handouts from the meetings in the next few days.

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