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August 4, 2010 Stancil Ford: Too Sick To Stop after Hit-and-Run, Well Enough To Preside at County Commission Meeting 90 Minutes Later as Though Nothing Had Happened

Yesterday's News-Sentinel story on Stancil Ford's hit-and-run on June 30, 2010, is still available to online readers by clicking here.

The paper quotes Stancil and MPD Chief Roger Overholt as saying Stancil wasn't charged because he hit the people due to a "medical condition."

Well, the "medical condition" that prevented Stancil from being charged in the incident did NOT prevent him from ignoring his victims and going on about his important business on June 30 as if nothing had happened.

This picture (above) is of Stancil talking to Larry Baker before the start of the 5:00 meeting of the county commission on June 30, 2010.  Does Stancil look concerned about the two elderly people that he had hit 90 minutes earlier and left on the side of the road? There is another picture of Stancil at the meeting on my original post of July 17

He hit and left two elderly people on the side of the road and went to a county commission meeting. In the News-Sentinel article, Stancil tells just how concerned he was about the elderly couple.

FORD: "The only thing that bothers me is that it's being used politically."

Me. Me. Me. Stancil never mentions any concern for the victims of his hit-and-run! Stancil never offers an explanation to the public or to the victims of why he left the scene only to show up at a county commission meeting?

Readers of the News-Sentinel can make online comments. If you go to the story and continue to scroll down past the article to the comments, there are some interesting and pointed comments such as:

Mr. Ford's medical condition is commonly referred to as: "hitandrunism".

Usually not recognized by most law enforcement unless you are a politican in need of some excuse for bad behavior. Apparently the Morritown Chief thought it was good for this occasion. The voting public is suppose to buy anything thrown at them I suppose!

Sometimes, when you 'absolutely, positively' have to be there....well, a little rear ender is nothing...
But yet he went to the county commission meeting. Stancil Ford is the biggest loser ever. I vote for ANYONE that is running against the main.

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