Tuesday, June 12, 2012

June 12, 2012 County Commission Gives Contingent Approval to School Budget; School Board Rejects County Plan

After yesterday's joint meeting of the Hamblen County Budget Committee and the Hamblen County School Board, the County Budget Committee met at 4:00 PM today to approve a school budget.  

Commissioner Stancil Ford made the motion laying out the county's position on the school budget.  The motion passed 10-3 (NO: Paul LeBel, Doe Jarvis, Nancy Phillips) but was to take effect only IF the School Board met a few hours later and revised its budget in line with the county's proposal.  Click on arrow for video.

The School Board met three hours later (7:00 PM) but proposed and passed a different school budget, thus rejecting/modifying the county's plan. School Board member Carolyn Holt made the motion which passed 7-0. Click on arrow for video.

The Budget Committee is scheduled to meet again on Thursday, June 14.

The original plan was for the Budget Committee to finalize the entire county budget (county and schools) and then recommend the county budget and tax rate to the full Commission which was to meet in special session on Thursday and pass the complete county budget on first reading.

In light of the dueling budgets, whether the county will be able to pass a budget and tax rate on Thursday is unclear at this point.

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