Sunday, June 24, 2012

June 24 Witt Sewer Lawsuit Ends With City Paying Attorney Fees and Fines Reduced Through Negotiations

The Witt Sewer Lawsuit appears to be at an end. 

Last year, Federal District Judge Ronnie Greer ruled in favor of the Witt residents, ordering the City to repair the Witt sewer line, make monetary payments to two Witt residents, pay attorney fees of the Witt residents' attorney Gary Davis, and pay fines for violations of the Clean Water Act. Click here and here.

The City appealed to the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals but later entered into negotiations with the Witt residents--negotiations that recently resulted in an agreed settlement with a reduction of the attorney fees and fine.

In the video (above) City Administrator Tony Cox reports that Federal District Judge Ronnie Greer approved the negotiated settlement of the attorney fees that will be paid by the City to the Witt residents' attorney and approved a reduced fine to be paid to the US Treasury for the City's violations of the Clean Water Act.

The City will finish the repair work on the Witt sewer line and will also make the monetary payment to two of the Witt residents.

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