Wednesday, October 03, 2012

October 3, 2012 Millennium Bids Opened

Bids for the Millennium Square Project were opened this afternoon. Three bids were submitted.

The apparent low bidder was Jenkins & Styles of Knoxville with a base bid of $1,753,964. Other bidders were Denark Construction at $1,769,900 and Merit Construction at $1,770,025.

This was the third time that the project has been bid. The first time, Messer Construction was the low bidder. It was bid a second time and Southern Constructors was the only bid. Both times all bids were rejected as being too high. Click here and here for prior posts on the Millennium project.

Although the plans were not significantly changed from the second bid to today's bid, Southern Constructors did not submit a third bid although they were in attendance at the pre-bid conference. Click here for the pre-bid conference video and links to separate posts on the Millennium project.

Architect Dan Brewer of Brewer, Ingram & Fuller (BIF) opened the bids with the assistance of Lisa Hoskins of BIF.
Tim Wild, one of the Millennium Square Partners, attended as did Tony Cox, City Administrator, and Todd Morgan, the City's designated  manager of the Millennium project.
Whether the low bid or any bid is accepted will likely depend on whether the Millennium Square Partners with control of the project (David & Tim Wild, Hiram Jones, Tom Jones, James & Myra Craine) are willing to foot the project costs not covered by a taxpayer-funded TDOT Transportation Enhancement grant of approximately $1,200,000.

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