Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October 30, 2012 Closing Arguments and Now the Fate of Ex-Judge Baumgartner Is in the Jury's Hands (Updated 10/31/12)

One of seven misprision counts against ex-Judge Richard Baumgartner was tossed by District Judge Ronnie Greer as reported by the News-Sentinel here and here.

Closing arguments ended today, and Baumgartner's fate is now in the hands of the federal jury. The News-Sentinel report is here.

The prosecutor is trying to convince the jury that Baumgartner lied to a judge, a magistrate, a prosecutor, nurses, and others to cover up the actions/drug trafficking of his pill supplying mistress Deena Castleman.

The defense claims that the prosecution has not presented adequate proof and that Baumgartner has suffered enough with the very public exposure of his "personal" wrongs, his plea of guilty to official misconduct, and his resignation from the bench.

UPDATE: A brief summary of the testimony of each person to whom Baumgartner is alleged to have lied in order to cover up the drug trafficking actions of his pill-supplying mistress is reported by News-Sentinel court reporter Jamie Satterfield here.

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