Friday, May 03, 2013

May 3, 2013 Kay Senter's Record on Trailer Next to Weigel's on West A.J. Highway

As Paul Harvey would say, the "rest of the story" about Kay Senter's experience on City Council is on a trailer that is parked on the old Morristown Chevrolet site on the West Andrew Johnson Highway next to Weigel's. [Some people may be able to enlarge the picture simply by clicking on it]

Sometimes government "experience" is actually just lots and lots of experience in raising taxes, starting new fees (garbage fees), increasing old fees (like sewer fees) to astronomical levels, refusing to respect and let the people vote on issues (MUS), and using taxpayer dollars and taxpayer-paid city employees to promote a YES Vote in a referendum on a sales tax increase.

And this doesn't even mention Ms. Senter's many attempts to censor or limit public comments at council meetings.


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