Sunday, January 06, 2008

January 6, 2008 ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION: Congressman Davis Returns from the Border and Councilman Tucker Issues a Wake-up Call

ILLEGAL immigration, which has been a concern to people across the state and nation for many years, is a hot topic on the local, state, and national level.

Fortunately, opposition to ILLEGAL immigration is a high priority and focus of 1st District Congressman David Davis who just returned from a visit to our southern border. Davis opposes amnesty for ILLEGAL immigrants and echoes the sentiments of many of his constituents in stating "ILLEGAL is ILLEGAL."

Davis supports a temporary guest worker program which would require that a worker enter through proper channels, work for a period of time as a guest, and then, like all true guests, return to his or her home country.

At the local level, Morristown Councilman Mel Tucker has been pointing out what the majority of Hamblen Countians realized years ago: ILLEGAL immigration is NOT a net boon to the economy.

You can put all kinds of pretty wrappings on ILLEGAL immigration, but it is still just that--- ILLEGAL. And the net effect of massive, long-term ILLEGAL immigration is to depress the wages of less-skilled American workers while increasing the costs of healthcare, law enforcement, courts, and education.

For his efforts to educate the public about ILLEGAL immigration and to encourage local, state, and federal action and enforcement of immigration laws, Councilman Tucker is to be congratulated.

For his opposition to amnesty for ILLEGAL immigrants and his support of a border fence and a temporary, limited guest worker program, Congressman David Davis is to be congratulated!


Chris Fortner said...

There is an organization called State Legislators for Legal Immigration at

Donna Rowland is the Tennessee member of the organization. I think others will probably get on board soon. Immigration reform is also one of the reasons I'm supporting Ron Paul for United States president.

Anonymous said...


It is good to see Davis take the initiative to do this and go see first hand the problems we face. I wish more congressmen and Senators would do the same as seeing is believing.

Keep up the good work.