Monday, June 01, 2009

June 1, 2009 Claiborne Sheriff David Ray and Community Service in Hamblen County

It's been almost ten months since CLAIBORNE COUNTY Sheriff David Ray signed a diversion agreement in HANCOCK COUNTY in which the State of Tennessee agreed to suspend its prosecution against Ray of charges of statutory rape and statutory rape by an authority figure.

Part of Ray's diversion agreement stipulated that the Sheriff would perform 250 hours of community service in HAMBLEN COUNTY. [At the time of the agreement, it was a tightly-guarded secret as to where in Hamblen County the High Sheriff of Claiborne County would be performing his "community" service.]

After the diversion, Ray got in a bit of a jam when he shot a deer at the Claiborne County Fairgrounds. Click here for that story. The problem was that Ray did not have a hunting license. After his involvement in this incident came out, Ray put out the spin that he had shot the deer illegally for a good purpose---"to feed the inmates."

Now if Sheriff Ray has been performing 25 hours of service to Hamblen County each month, he may be through working in Hamblen County and is able to devote all his time to keeping crime out of Claiborne County.

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