Thursday, June 04, 2009

June 4, 2009 City Budget: What about the Sewer Rates?

Something that has been mentioned once or twice but never actually discussed at Morristown City Council meetings is the city sewer fund and upcoming changes in city sewer rates.

There was supposed to be a presentation and discussion of the results of a sewer study last Thursday. That didn't happen. Yesterday, when City Administrator Jim Crumley was asked when the sewer study would be presented and new rates set, Crumley didn't give a date.

From what I can gather--and part of this is second-hand information-- it appears that sewer rates are scheduled to go up about 12% in the upcoming budget year and about 8% in the next year. That would be about a 20% increase over a two-year period. And that is on top of previous sewer rate increases!

No wonder Crumley wants to keep this fund--and this study--under wraps as long as possible.

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