Monday, June 15, 2009

June 15, 2009 Knox County Takes Applications (45) for Election Administrator Position

As a follow-up to Friday's post about the likely change in the local Administrator of Elections post, I see that Knox County recently took formal applications for the Knox County Election Administrator position. Forty-five individuals applied.

Click here for the News-Sentinel article and there's even a link (top left of story) to the complete list of applicants for the Knox County Administator of Elections post. Knox County's current Administrator of Elections Greg Mackay has applied for re-appointment to the position.

In Hamblen County, the rumor is that Wanda Neal, current Administrator of Elections, will resign rather than seek re-appointment from the new Republican-majority local election commission.

Click here for my previous post on the $62,000/year Hamblen County Administrator of Elections post.

Lots of rumors have been going around since January about individuals with various political connections who want the local Administrator of Elections job, but I haven't seen any advertisement or request for applications for the local position.

When the position does open up, will applications be taken? Would a current employee of the Election Commission with experience in day-to-day operations of the office be given a fair shake if he or she applied? Or will this just be a plum position that is handed out as a reward to a "deserving" politico?

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