Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May 16, 2012 Citizens for Accountability Posts Video of Full Council Meeting of May 15

Click here and you can view yesterday's Morristown City Council meeting from start to finish.  On the Citizens for Accountability site under the title Videos from the May 15 City Council Meeting, click on "read the full story" and you will be taken to the two-part video set.

Or you can go to the CFA site by typing in your browser.

Some questions that the videos will answer:

Did a majority of City Council vote to make the bonuses and longevity pay (that they have been taking for years) part of a new pay ordinance that takes effect in May 2015?

Did a majority of City Council vote to get bids for cameras to televise their meetings for the citizens and taxpayers?

Did a majority of City Council vote to reject the NINETEENTH person submitted by the Mayor from an-MUC provided list of candidates for the "McGuffin" seat on MUC?

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