Wednesday, May 23, 2012

May 23, 2012 City Council's Budget Discussions

Here are some video snips from the Morristown City Council's one and only public discussion of the city's $32 Million dollar budget. The entire public discussion and deliberation took less than 30 minutes before Paul LeBel called for a "vote"/"show of hands".

The meeting started with discussion of non-profits:

Discussion about whether or not to experiment with refurbishing a police car:
Cox still hasn't gotten around to reviewing the janitorial services contract which has been discussed and almost universally criticized repeatedly in past years:
Cox's proposed new hire of a director over sewer, streets, and sanitation was put in this year's FY 2012 budget (but never filled) and is again in the proposed next year's FY 2013 budget:
And a new police officer to supervise inmates performing litter pick-up and mowing weeds:
Kay Senter proposes an extra 2-1/2% raise for Tony Cox on top of the 2-1/2% that is in the FY 2013 budget and Mayor Thomas comments about taxpayer sacrifices:
Brief discussion of the ESG (energy) contract and wastewater treatment plant:
Finally, LeBel and Company decide that 30 minutes of public discussion on the City's 32 MILLION dollar budget is all that is needed. LeBel leaves the building. Jinks reminds Cox to put the extra raise for Cox in the budget. Bob Garrett leaves the table. The Mayor then leaves, noting that the "vote" has already been taken:

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