Saturday, August 25, 2012

August 25, 2012 Council Approves Creation of Airport Commission--Bivens Votes "Yes" Despite Promise To Vote No Made at Bedside of the Late Councilman Claude Jinks.

On August 21, the Morristown City Council voted 4-2 to create an Airport Commission to make decisions regarding the Morristown Airport. Paul LeBel, Bob Garrett, and Kay Senter have pushed hard for this.

In initial discussions, Chris Bivens repeatedly asked "why can't the city operate the airport?" In more recent discussions, Bivens remained somewhat quiet while LeBel, Garrett, and Senter continued the push for an Airport Commission.

The surprise in the vote was Councilman Chris Bivens voting "yes" after he admitted to his fellow councilmembers and to the public that he had promised the late Councilman Claude Jinks that he (Bivens) would not vote for a commission or airport authority.

Councilman Bivens explains that he is at peace with his "yes" vote--despite his hospital bedside promise to Jinks to oppose an airport commission.

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