Monday, September 17, 2012

September 17, 2012 Hamblen Budget Committee Votes to Send $125,000 Donation to MHHS Foundation to Full Commission

Stancil Ford made the motion to give $125,000 to the MHHS Hospital Foundation for a building project to add beds in a cancer wing.  Doe Jarvis seconded the motion. [MHHS was sold to Covenant Health several years ago.]

Tilman Goins who opposed the earlier donation of $100,000 to Helen Ross McNabb for its building project agreed to support the MHHS Foundation donation if Ford would amend his motion to include earmarking all remaining Hamblen County endowment funds for the jail. Ford agreed to the amendment.

Doe Jarvis took exception to the use of the word "conservative" by Commissioner Goins. Jarvis commented that this was a lot of "horse whatever" and added "I frankly don't believe you know what you are talking about...."

The vote was 8 YES and 4 NO with Commissioners Paul LeBel and Herbert Harville absent.

Voting for the donation and earmarking all remaining funds for the jail were Stancil Ford, Larry Baker, Doe Jarvis, Tilman Goins, Howard Shipley, Nancy Phillips, Rick Eldridge, and Dana Wampler.

Voting NO were Tim Goins, Tim Dennison, Larry Carter, and Doyle Fullington.

It appeared that the four NO votes were based on the belief that all Hamblen County endowment  public money should be reserved entirely for county government capital needs. 

Fullington had stated earlier in the meeting that he would be voting against the donation of money to both the non-profit Helen Ross McNabb Foundation and the non-profit MHHS Foundation.

Fullington had also pointed out what everyone knew---the hospital and/or the hospital foundation could and would build the new wing with or without the county's donation. Click here for the earlier McNabb vote and discussion.

Dennison and Carter had also voted earlier in the meeting against donating public money to the Helen Ross McNabb Foundation. Tim Goins had abstained from the McNabb vote due to a conflict of interest.

Those who voted against the donation to McNabb but then voted for the donation to MHHS Foundation were Tilman Goins, Rick Eldridge, and Nancy Phillips.

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