Thursday, September 06, 2012

September 6, 2012 Morristown City Council Appoints 5-Member Airport Commission

Morristown City Council appointed a 5-person Airport Commission at its September 4 meeting.
Prior to the meeting, each councilmember had nominated one person. [Mayor Danny Thomas and Councilmember Gene Brooks nominated the same person--Clifford Jinks.]
The discussion suddenly became heated when councilmember Gene Brooks explained that his and the Mayor's nominee (Clifford Jinks) was a pilot, and Brooks asked Councilmember Chris Bivens about the qualifications of Bivens' nominee (Hamblen County Commissioner Doe Jarvis).
For some reason, Bivens was very upset by the question and refused to discuss the qualifications of Jarvis. Bivens did, however, discuss the qualifications of his first choice Larry Mullins who apparently declined to serve due to potential conflicts of interest.
After procedural discussions about the method of voting, the five-member commission that was eventually appointed includes Clifford Jinks, Hamblen County Commissioner Doe Jarvis, Denise Terry Stapleton, Charles Hurt, and Steve Henrikson.
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