Thursday, September 06, 2012

September 6, 2012 Hamblen Budget Committee To Meet Today at Helen Ross McNabb Center

The Hamblen County Budget Committee--composed of all 14 commissioners--has a special called meeting today at 4:30 PM at the Helen Ross McNabb Center. The Committee will tour the current facility from 4-4:30 just prior to the meeting. 

[A public notice of this special called meeting was published in the local newspaper on Sunday. That's good because the last time the Budget Committee had a special called meeting to consider the McNabb and Morristown Hamblen Hospital Foundation's requests for donations of public money, there was no notice in the newspaper.]

Helen Ross McNabb Center, a local non-profit, is asking the Hamblen County Commission to give it $100,000 of public funds to help build a new building.

The point person for the request appears to be the local newpaper publisher/editor Mike Fishman.

[Fishman, along with Denise Terry Stapleton, recently requested and received a donation of $51,000 for the McNabb building from Morristown Utilities Commission round-up funds.]  See Fishman at MUC here. See the MUC vote on the donation here.

At its August meeting, the Hamblen County Commission did not vote on the McNabb and MHHS Foundation requests, instead sending both requests back to the Budget Committee. See post here.

Fishman was at the Hamblen County Courthouse on Tuesday with other McNabb personnel.

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